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Patrick Singleton

Patrick Singleton

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 2:45-3:45 P.M. or by appointment
Office Location: ENGR 231
Phone: 435-797-7109

Educational Background:

Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University, 2017
M.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Portland State University, 2013
B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, 2008


Patrick Singleton is an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His research spans the areas of travel behavior analysis, transportation planning, and travel demand modeling, with a special interest in walking and bicycling. Patrick's dissertation research explored a concept known as "the positive utility of travel" by studying the benefits of traveling, including the productive use of travel time and enjoyment of the travel experience itself. Other recent projects have included reviewing connections between transportation planning and public health, exploring the gender gap in bicycling, and modeling the demand for pedestrian travel.